Sunday, August 29, 2010

What The .... ?????

Awrright, what happened here?  Two weeks ago I was bragging about the huge and beautiful blossoms on my Phalenopsis orchids, this week three of the flowers on my old plant have wilted, turned yellow, died.  According to an on-line how-to-grow site, Phalenopsis orchids (commonly known as 'Moth Orchids', isn't that cute!) bloom between December and May (mine appear to be ass-backwards then) and swings in temperature can cause buds to drop off.  Did the temps in my living room really swing THAT much this past week while I was away?  The other plant didn't seem to suffer.  No, I think something else is afoot.  Now I'm intimidated again - well, not really.  I expect I'll fool around with this thing until I cause the other blooms to fall off as well. 


  1. Hey, I,m happy with the blog. Thought you must be out and about chasin' birds. The top flower still looks gorgeous.

  2. Hi Dianne, thanks for dropping by. Do you have orchids? I know you are a fairly amazing gardener in general.

  3. no, no orchids. In fact the amazing seems to have deteriorated as well. Revamping garden and yard these days