Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Still Life Moment

I call this photo:  Still Life with Ibis and Duck

It's a White-faced Ibis and a Northern Shoveler.  Really too bad they were on the wrong side of the road - the side where my camera was pointing directly into the sun. 

I'm having just a little difficulty recovering from my birding trip, what with immediately coming down with a cold plus seasonal allergies.  If I'm not sneezing, blowing or slumping around like a well-used pot scrubber, I'm sorting through the hundreds of photos I took.  Too bad most of them aren't terribly interesting or good photos! 

Ah, well, things will regroup sooner or later.  I shall try to get some regular postings going on here.


  1. Nice! I was hoping we'd get down birding that way this spring, but the weather hasn't been on our side.

    1. Hopefully next spring is nice for the entire province - is that too much to ask? Probably. I love seeing W-F Ibis. A bit of tropical elegance to the rugged northern prairies, or something like that.