Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Days

Sorry for the lack of new posts.  I take "lazin' in the summer afternoon" to new levels every August.  It is incredible how very, very little I can accomplish in one nice, warm summer day.  And, no, I wasn't paying much attention to the Olympics.

All that said, I'm having a terrific summer of bird-watching.  This is a little bit unusual for my part of the world.  It is usually so hot and dry that nothing but crickets and grasshoppers have enough energy to move about.  Not so this year.  We still have vast wetlands from all the rains last year - and that makes for fantastic birding.  

I've been visiting local places such as this slough with an ibis and several kinds of shorebirds near Fillmore, SK

And Moose Mountain Creek wetlands north of Stoughton (north side of the road)

And south side of the road

Many Gadwall, American Wigeons and Red-necked Grebes on the water yesterday.


  1. Wow. Lots of wet lands that's for sure. Most of our are long gone thanks to tiling. Incidentily I live about 5 miles from Fillmore, Minnesota. I wonder if.... :)

    1. TB, this place is a water fowl heaven these days and a lot of the 'new sloughs' were farm land prior to last Spring. With some weather luck, we won't have a super drought again for awhile.

      You know, I am going to bet ($1.00) whoever named 'our' Fillmore came up here from 'your' Fillmore to homestead. Ha, that seems to be the way things usually worked back in that day. I haven't looked into the town history, but I will. Now I'm curious. And I love little coincidences like this.l