Thursday, August 8, 2013

At The Sewage Lagoon

Our particular sewage lagoon complex is really stinky at this point in the summer, but it is a fabulous place to find birds.

Here are some of our resident Canada Geese (Branta canadensis), strolling down a trail.

There are Eared Grebes (Podiceps nigricollis) with babes everywhere.

Wait for me! 

And a good many of the elegant American Avocets (Recurvirostra americana)



  1. Kathy, nice shots of those Western/Central beauties. I've only seen an Eared Grebe once and Avocets maybe 3 times. Distance makes the heart grow fonder! -Dwayne

    1. Thanks, Dwayne. We are very lucky over here to have so many breeding birds. Makes up for the long winters....a bit.

  2. Us birders gotta go where the birds are. Unfortunately, here in the Land Of Ten Thousands Lakes, I live in the only county without a lake. That means for waterfowl and shorebirds sewage lagoons are prime spots...:(