Monday, January 6, 2014

Remembering a Summer Day

I suppose it is warm somewhere today - it isn't here.  I'm not leaving for my winter vacation for another six weeks and I'm tired of looking out the window and seeing white (as in snow).

What better time to sort through the files of downloaded photos from the past year?  Let's see what happened on June 26th.  Ah, yes, I went for a drive around my area.

One of the very frequent trains on the Canadian Pacific Soo Line; this one coming up from the US, looks like a shipment of new cars and trucks.  One of my favourite birding locations is just to the left - Roche Percee Park.

It is always a good day when I find a Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis)  gracefully moving through the shallows of a prairie slough.

Looks like a big storm brewing 'over East'.

Ah, the memories of a warmer time.


  1. Nice...everything looks so green. Roche Percee Park is still on our of these years. :-)

    1. Thanks, Harvey. Summer green trumps winter white every time! I hope you & Brenda do get down this way some time