Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Woodlawn Park & Golf course - after the flood

The water has receded.  This is what the place looks like in the aftermath.  All photos courtesy of Larry Preddy.  I'm using most of his descriptions too.

Washed out road into the golf course and silt on road to Woodlawn entry gate (there were drifts of silt at least 2 feet high around the gate)

 #9 Fairway 

 Area in front of clubhouse with #18 green in background behind the pine trees

 You can see the high water mark on the maintenance sheds (at park entrance)

Road into the campground area is completely washed out and part of the river now. There used to be at least 30 campsites on at least 30-40 yards of ground to the left before the river.

The picnic grounds and oldest camping areas

 The river from #47 bridge - it's quite a bit wider now

Thanks Larry!

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  1. Oh my. The power of running water. What a mess.