Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Desert

The Sonoran Desert is a beautiful place.

An assortment of cacti and other vegetation.  Every saguaro seems to have a bird or two perched on top in the early morning sun.

A closer look at the top of one particular saguaro....yes, a Gilded Flicker pair  (Colaptes chrysoides)

The trail ahead....

More photos to come.

Info about Gilded Flickers at


  1. Replies
    1. It really is pretty...very green, as far as deserts go; not many flowers yet though.

  2. Visiting our sons family for the first time sine their move to Arizona I saw both the funny looking quail and Gilded Flickers. The Gambrels roamed the neighborhood between the houses and on the golf course. Neat! It is fun to see there new birds from what we're used to. Next trip it going after hummingbirds as the didn't realize there were were many varieties down there. :)

    1. It's great you have a new place (Arizona) to visit - and help your grandkids discover the birds and animals. So much fun.