Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Training

We went to a Spring Training baseball game this afternoon.  The Mariners vs The Brewers. 

This is Felix Hernandez pitching for the Mariners; Gene was surprised he was playing today.

And another pitch


A Brewers hopeful #96 Davis scooping up a base hit

Don't know who this is.

And Michael Saunders trying to bring home #13 Ackley

Nice day for a ball game.  Very hot sitting in the sun.  This was my first major league game! 

UPDATE:  Mariners won 6-1.  This was Tucson's first Spring Training game in about 3 years.  The city built the new Kino stadium/sports complex (and it is nice) then the teams that had been training here moved to Phoenix.  There are three Spring Training games scheduled for this year.  One tomorrow, and another next week. 

Hernandez was the 2010 Cy Young winner and is a two-time All-Star.  Yesterday he threw 80 pitches - 50 for strikes.  Eh, not bad!


  1. Pitcher and other pix were great K. Yesterday was a great day her in AZ. After we checked out some real estate, I was able to shop at a few specialty hardware and tool stores. Great prices and picked up lots of stuff.

    1. Are you seriously thinking about buying a place? Why not...good place to spend some winter months. Many lovely homes around golf courses, so Fran can play year round!

    2. Didn't really want/need a place here (I kinda want something on the Texas coast, kids want Florida), but the Az prices are so low, I'm really tempted to just get something to keep the retirement options open.