Friday, April 13, 2012

Arizona & New Mexico Guide Books

Before I forget, and as I get things put away and tidied up from my trip down to Arizona, I want to share a few great guide books. 

This latest edition of the Tucson Audubon publication, Finding Birds in Southeast Arizona, is an invaluable asset for the travelling birder. 

It gives a lot of trip planning advice, including some tips about visiting Mexico.  The book is set out in areas.  For example, Chapter 1 is Urban Tucson, giving explicit directions how to get to all birding areas within the city and birds you might expect to see (given the season).  I visited a good many of the areas outlined in Chapter 8, Huachuca and Whitestone Mountains, and the Upper San Pedro River Valley. 

Get this book before you go to Southeastern Arizona, period!  There are 372 pages of info, including adverts for various B&Bs and birder-friendly businesses.

Ditto this one, from Richard Taylor, published by American Birding Association, Inc.

Taylor compiles information in terms of destination areas; he supplies maps with trails well marked (in some cases, there are tear-out maps in the back so you don't have to take the entire book on long hikes).  

There is some information overlap with these two books, but each adds to the magnificent birding experience of SE Arizona. 

Both books are available on-line at:

As with the above Arizona books, this one for New Mexico is a must. 

 I picked this up several years ago.  It is available from the New Mexico Ornithological Society on-line.  It is laid out in counties, shows maps of each county with the parks/locations.  Location write-ups includes an extensive list of birds likely to be found and when.  At 351 pages including index, there is a lot of info in this book.

Here are two Birding Trail maps that really help the visiting birder plan the trip.  Definitely get them before travelling. 

This National Audubon field guide is simply the best for the all-round, very curious travelling nature-lover.

It generally explains the area geology, has a section on rocks, mosses & lichens, plants (shrubs, trees, cacti, flowers), and features the common birds, insects, reptiles, mammals of the region.  There are even some star maps for those nights outside marvelling at the magnificent starry sky.  It is nicely sized to go along in a pocket or backpack.

All of these books are available at the various park gift shops as well.

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