Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Polluted Prairie Air

I went out driving around my 'usual' birding route very early this morning.  See the brown smudge across the sky?

Where did it come from?  

The coal-burning power plants?  Well, not the  Shand plant - the light wind was from the wrong direction.  Boundary plant?  Maybe, of course we have been assured all impurities have been captured and removed by the scrubbers on the stacks....  [Yeah, right] 

Can't be dust in the air.  We had a super-soaker of a rain last night. 

We do have an oil boom going on - lots of drilling, flares burning off gas and all other related activity.  Is that the cause?

Whatever it is, it disgusts me.  I live in SE Saskatchewan.  There is no body here, so to speak.  We practically define the phrase 'wide open space'.   We should not have polluted air.  But, we do.

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  1. Article in the Globe and Mail today on Estevan! (newcomer related article) Plus, blurb on SK and the tornado season.