Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SNOW in July

SNOW.....a little birder humour (yeah, very little, I know).....is the 4-letter code for Snowy Owl.  

I found one today sitting on this old wind mill tower.

It is currently about 32C (or 90F) here.  This is an arctic tundra bird; it should be way up at Cambridge Bay or somewhere else in Nunavut during the summer not down here lingering around the hot prairie along the 49th parallel, for pete's sake.

It was panting.

Last winter was a crazy one for Snowy Owls, with reports of many reaching areas in the Southern US.  There was even one report from Hawaii.  Now this one (it is mostly white and looks like a male, just sayin') south of Torquay, SK today.  

As my man Bill Shatner would say: "Weird or What?" 

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