Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Smith's Longspur

This is my Lifer Smith's Longspur (Calcarius pictus) found at Last Mountain Lake in south-central Saskatchewan late September, 2012. 

This one plus two others were flitting around the cut and baled hay; two flew off and this male decided to hide in the shade of a large, round bale.  It was a hot day.  I don't blame him one bit....except it didn't give me much of a chance for getting a good photo.  Ah well....

Smith's Longspurs were one of the species I hoped to see around Churchill, MB (June), but we failed to find any.  Smith's Longspurs, along with its more common relative, the Lapland Longspur, is a tundra-breeder.  Smith's migrate to the south-eastern prairies of the US (E. Oklahoma, Texas, etc) to hang out in short grass prairie, mowed hay fields near water.  A habitat that perfectly describes where I saw them in here in SK.

Pete Dunn calls this The Tawny Longspur.  A good description, as my bird had a distinctly tawny breast  and generally overall, even though not in breeding plumage. 

Pete Dunn's Essential Field Guide Companion 

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  1. Never seeb that one but the Lapland version can be seen here in the winter. I did love the ladyslipper and have a few of the yellow brand in my woods...:)

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  5. Birds are all wonderful to watch.
    Nature is awesome!!