Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tucson & Saguaros

Now that my sister & bro-in-law have a winter home in Tucson, AZ, the cat & I travel down for a yearly visit ... 

It was about this time last year, Freddie & I set off.  It takes 4 or so days to drive (less if Freddie could take a shift at driving, but refuses to even try - isn't that just like a cat!)  We endured very strong winds from the South Dakota through to the Oklahoma panhandle, then snow in northern Arizona but finally reached the place where saguaros grow.

Both Cactus Wrens and Gilded Flickers use saguaros for nesting

The more arms, the older the saguaro

And eventually, like all things, these desert giants die

The skeletons of a fallen saguaro, with a nest

Not kidding the spines are strong and sharp!  Somebody put this rock on top of a young saguaro along the path. 

We're going back this year...soon.


  1. Happy travels! Great pics! And the nerve of that Freddie!

  2. The nerve of that cat! Not even taking a turn!

  3. A long drive from the far north indeed. I loved the birding in Arizona and temps were bad either. On of the big saguaro fell on my sons swimming pool in Mesa smashing the fence protecting the toddler from falling in the it...