Sunday, February 2, 2014

World Wetlands Day

Today, February 2nd, is 

1.  Groundhog Day.  We are in the middle of cold and snowy winter where I live, so rodents of any size are still deep in their hibernation and no amount of silly human intervention is going to prod any of them out of their dens.

2.  Superb Owl Day.   Although I am a football fan, I don't really care who wins the Superb Owl - or Super Bowl as some like to call it - today. 

3.  World Wetlands Day.  The local wetlands are also frozen over and will be for some time to come.

I love prairie sloughs where Marbled Godwits

Black-necked Stilts

and tiny baby Sora rails can been seen if one is lucky.

A large slough will be home to ducks, geese, large wading birds maybe even a  White-faced Ibis

a flock of dowitchers

 or an American Bittern

and a million other species of organisms.   

Please appreciate your local wetlands.  Thanks.


  1. I like your name for the Super Bowl! I don't care who wins either. I'm not much into football, not even CFL, but my brothers told me to say that the Winnipeg Bluebombers are better than Saskatchewan Roughriders! :)
    There is a marsh just North of Winnipeg called Oak Hammock Marsh that I like to go too, I have seen many species of birds there! I love wetlands!

    1. I can't take credit for the 'Superb Owl' may have originated with Kenn Kaufman or someone at the National Audubon in the US.
      You really shouldn't listen to your brothers HaHaHa. Go Riders. Ah, but truthfully, I cheer for the Bombers as well.
      I've been to Oak Hammock Marsh - it is a terrific place. I also like Delta Marsh, at the bottom on Lake Manitoba. That all got flooded out a couple of years ago. Actually, I love all of Manitoba's Interlake. Great birding over there.

  2. Kathy, Whitewater Lake is also a great wetland to bird in Manitoba if you haven't visited it yet. I'm thinking you have, but since you didn't mention it in your list of Manitoba places I thought I should add it to the list.
    I cheer for the Riders, too, when they aren't playing against the Bombers!

    1. You are right, Rob. Whitewater is a great place and one I visit fairly regularly. Stay tuned to the blog; there will be a post about the place with couple of nice pelican photos showing up soon.