Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We have an early morning departure from Karanambu Ranch.  We travel (by road) east across the Northern Rupununi Savanna, birding along the way. 

Lunch will be at a place billed as Guyana's best-equipped Truck Stop.  I wonder if it will be at all like my North American idea of 'truck stop', like a big Husky service station. 

Then we carry on to the Macushi village of Surama.  The accommodations at the Surama Eco-lodge are 'comfortably rustic'.

Things we are advised to take along with us on this trip include cigarette lighters and matches.  I think this is likely one of the places we need these - for lighting candles at night.  I image there are diesel generators supplying electricity at certain hours during the day or evening. 

We stay at the Eco-lodge for two nights

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