Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Divide County, North Dakota

Divide County is the most NW county in the state of North Dakota.  It is directly south of where I live.  So Divide and the adjacent counties experienced the same nasty storm we had on April 30.   [Since Blogger no longer posts hi-def photos, you have to click on the pix to enlarge and see anything clearly!]

Unfortunately, some 360 power poles went down.  So no electricity, and very cold.   Power was restored to Crosby area by Sunday night.  The grocery store was busy with people - mostly talking about The Storm...

Crosby is the Divide County Seat.  I've been going to this little town my entire life - well, except for those 30+ years I lived elsewhere in Canada and far away from dear old Divide County hugging the International Border. 

The main drag yesterday about noon.

The Courthouse

A peaceful, but snowy street

As of yesterday, the city of Williston, 50-60 miles south and west was still without power.  Some 30,000 people.  It's one of those unfortunate wake-up calls about how reliant we all are on electricity.


  1. Does Crosby still have a JC Penny?

  2. No, that's long gone. I think it closed sometime in the late 70s. Then a WalMart type of department store chain decided to build a place out near the highway. All the other little old stores closed down because of it. Then this new place closed after a couple of years. The town has rallied a bit over the years - but no place to get clothes etc. Estevan is too close to make that sort of thing pay. Williston is only 60 or so miles away.

  3. One of my fondest high school memories was when I'd just passed my drivers' licence and my mom asked me to drive to Crosby JC Penny store, with my brother Dennis to buy new jeans. We were like 16 and 14 and stopped for a burger on the way home and thought we were really somebodies.