Friday, May 27, 2011

House Wren

I bought this little wren house at the Farmer's Market in Kelowna 5-6 years ago.  I hung it in this particular crabapple tree and not once has a wren considered it habitable.  I mean, really, wrens use almost anything as a nest site.

But...this week, I noticed a wren checking it out.  A while later, it was bringing in little sticks.  How nice. 

All About Birds sums up the House Wren behaviour very well 
Bubbly and energetic, just like their songs. Look for House Wrens hopping quickly through tangles and low branches and, in spring and summer, frequently pausing to deliver cheerful trilling songs.

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  1. My parents live in an old airport building from WW2. They had a wren that found a small hole in the wall and built a nest and raised a family 2 years in a row inside the wall. Thanks for the pics from the flooding.