Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Juvy Mourning Doves

I nearly stepped on two little juvenile Mourning Doves who were sitting on a pathway in my garden.  They really blend in with the wood chips and shadows, don't they?

Young birds like this are often very trusting.  One was quite determined to get a little shut-eye.

I quietly backed away, crept over to my where I had stashed my camera (yes, I take my binoculars and camera with me even when I'm working in the back yard!)

Ack!  Cramp!  Wing & leg stretch!


  1. Neat, Your right about the trusting young. I had a young woodchuck practically walk right up to me on the bike trail last week. :)

  2. Oh Brenda, they really are little cuties; about 2/3 the size of an adult; always close together.

    Troutbirder,I absolutely would love to have a young woodcuck walk up to me! How great.