Monday, August 1, 2011

So a Frog Was.....

hopping down my street this morning.  THIS frog, in fact.

I was standing at my kitchen sink, washing salad lettuce and saw a little something out on the street....a little something that made a big hop, then stopped, hopped again.

Fortunately,  I don't live on a terribly busy street and it is a holiday today - probably why the little fellow managed to get this far without being run over (I have no idea how far 'this far' would be), regardless, I was pretty sure this little guy would be better off in my yard than on the pavement. 

So, grabbed my trusty camera and To The Rescue! 

I put it down on the grass for a little photo shoot, then put it over on some wet wood chips; still sitting under the junipers.  It's a Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens), by the way.  I don't know why it isn't all grass green.

I like frogs.


  1. What an adventurous frog! Nice pics.

  2. Thanks, Brenda. I think this little guy was pretty pooped out. An hour later and it's still under the evergreens. I'll put a pie plate of water out in a minute.

  3. I remember a few wet years in the late 1960s when the South Sask population of lizards, frogs, toads and snakes kinda exploded. Many you're in for a few good years of good reptile sightings K. Enjoyed the pix

  4. The frog has half buried itself in the damp wood chips. Maybe I have a new pet. A week ago there were quite a few frog on the roads; haven't seen hardly any snakes and no salamanders so far. Here ends the amphib & reptile report for the week of August 1

  5. The NFS (National Frog Society) hereby awards its humanitarian award to Kathy for saving a lost leopard frog. Remember each frog eats upwards of 2000 mosquitoes per day and thus enhances our neighborhoods. Congratulations Kathy! :)

  6. Thank You, Thank You very much, Troutbirder & NFS. It was my pleasure! HaHa. (Sorry I haven't replied to this honour before now - I was away for a few days!)