Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet Freddie

My life shifted a bit yesterday afternoon...a shift in the form of a tiny black & white kitten....

maybe three weeks old at best....

Cousin Larry came over to my place saying there was a little kitten in his back yard.

Its mother is a feral cat who has been living under Larry's deck. 

His dogs would kill this little thing once they spotted it. 

So, I picked it up and brought it home.

Meet Freddie!

I have a feeling there will be regular kitten updates in the future - possibly Fridays With Freddie.


  1. WAIT! I thought you were going solo for awhile there Auntie! I love Freddie, he looks like he will keep you busy . Fridays with Freddie is must. Henry and Freddie could get into some serious trouble together.


  2. Hi Holly, yes I WAS going to be cat-free for a little while longer...but well, it was inevitable, wasn't it. Tiny Tot Freddie is parked on my lap as I type this. OMG re Freddie & Henry together. The mind reels! It would be a contest to see who can run the fastest.

    Brenda, did you get your fine looking cat as a kitten?

  3. My what big eyes you have Freddie.