Sunday, June 19, 2011

Estevan Flooding - #18 Hwy

Okay, this is fairly unbelievable.  #18 Highway just south of the city is under water.  The 5+ inches of rain that fell west of here on Friday has moved downstream and has inundated most of the valley. 

The scene from the valley rim, a block from my house  (click on the pix for larger & clearer, if you want to)

#18 is in the midst of that water

Oh look, of course an SUV is driving through.

Two vehicles; apparently the water is now too high for a regular low car. 

All this happened in the past 24 hours.  I came through on #18 at about noon yesterday (Saturday).  The water is rising by the minute.  And, if the water continues to rise, it will compromise the shifts getting into and out of Boundary Power Station, as well as people getting between the city and their farms and communities west.  Side roads are flooded and/or washed out. 


  1. Thanks for the really interesting Estevan and Weyburn pix Kathy. Had to call my sister in Weyburn to get a first hand update.

  2. Nice of you to say, Brian.