Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Huntin' American Badger

I just returned home from the shake-down RV trip of 2011.  Of course the weather didn't co-operate.  It rained - a lot.  Well, it could have been worse, I got snowed on last year's trip....

Anyway, I went to the Cypress Hills and area, which is way over on the west side of the province.  This is possibly my favourite place in Saskatchewan, and maybe pretty well anywhere.  More about this in another post.

I found this beautiful badger hunting ground squirrels early last Sunday morning as I was dawdling along birding the roadside and sloughs.  I was travelling from my overnighting place at Shaunavon*** to Maple Creek where I was meeting my friend Dorothy for lunch.  By the way, this lovely morning was the only sunny one I had during the 3-4 day trip.

My photos aren't as good as they should be considering the animal was reasonably close; however, I was trying not to make any quick movements or sudden noises.  So I was awkwardly draped across the passenger seat, shooting out that window - then my cell phone rang (no one ever calls me; I never have the damn thing on, but I thought maybe Dorothy might need to get hold of me re where to meet, etc.  It was herself on the phone).  Nicely, Badge was intent on grabbing some breakfast, so it didn't run off while I was talking.

American Badger  Taxidea taxus

***Shaunavon is home of Hayley Wickenheiser - best female hockey player in the world - yes, really and the first female to play professional hockey in a position other than as goalie.  I knew that, Wikipedia confirms it. 

Ho-Hum.  I love travelling around my province.  Almost every town of any size has a sign saying home of a hockey player (male or female), a football player, a rodeo cowboy, some other type of athlete or a country singer.  I think it is neat when communities proudly display the achievements of their daughters and sons.

Actually, here's a list of 'Famous People' from Shaunavon, courtesy of Wikipedia
Click on the pix for bigger and clearer, if you want to.  I also did a post in the winter about an American Badger I found alongside a snowy road


  1. Badgers lived all around my home, but they were so hard to see in the few occasions they came out of their holes. Catching such vivid pix is a great accomplishment K. Well done.

  2. Great photos Kathy. You know, the badger looks like he just got out of jail and is on the run! Didn't realize their heads were so striped. Val