Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weyburn Flood

Weyburn is flooding and in a State of Emergency.  Weyburn is about 90 kms NW of Estevan, on the Souris River.

That area has had 100+ mm of rain in the past two days.  It is quite a mess.

The junction of Hwy 35 and Hwy 39  - flooded and both highways are closed

From #35 at the 385 Motel and the Bowling alley.

The normally pleasant little campground and picnic area - flooded

Water gysering through a manhole cover.

The trailer park on #39 heading to Regina

A new construction site across from the Co-op Service Station, corner of Hwys 13 & 39.

I have just heard our water treatment plant here in Estevan will likely flood with all this water coming down.  Weyburn has a boil water advisory.  I have filled up all the pails I can find just in case our drinking water is compromised soon.


  1. Hi Kathy. You captured the water situation absolutely perfect. We saw water gushing out of a manhole cover also. They had a sandbag on top to hold the cover down but the water still was getting out! Good job on the photos. Hope Estevan survives the water coming with no damage. Val

  2. Thanks Val, this bout of flooding is much more extensive than the first hit a couple months ago, isn't it. Various oilfield trucks were employed with pumping out water, from overloaded sewer lines and basements of the buildings downtown. Pretty well all the businesses seemed to have some flooding - well, think about the water pushing through the manhole covers...