Thursday, June 23, 2011


My peonies are blooming - gloriously blooming, in fact.  All this rain and cooler weather has been decent for my perennials, if nothing else.

So I hauled out one of my Mom's old vases - the one I always associate with big bouquets of peonies during my childhood on the farm.  I think Dad probably won this vase at the Estevan Fair way back in the 50s. 

Big, luscious blooms

And something else.....

.........ah, of course, an ant.


  1. Wonderful peonies K. Mine haven't opened yet, but my tiger lilies appear ready to explode. Pix in a few days.

  2. Those are just beautiful Kathy, do you have a special fertilizer recipe? Mine have yet to bloom (or grow!). Lasha

  3. Thanks people. Looking forward to seeing your pix, Brian. Lasha, I spread some compost around in the Spring, is all. Peonies seem to like this area; most yards have them

  4. Hi Kathy. What gorgeous peonies and bright colouring! Nora's peonies are just starting to bloom so will cut a bouquet to take in to her this weekend (and likely one for us as well). Val