Sunday, June 12, 2011

Roche Percee Park - Last Sunday

Okay, then, still in the process of re-grouping after having been without a computer for a week or two.  What has happened to me!?!  I feel more like getting outside and into the garden than sitting here fiddling about with my blog, my photos, and generally wasting my time in a fine and lazy style.

But...but...but...I love wasting time....

As I've said and blogged about before (many, many times), there's too much water around my area.  A week ago I went down to my favourite Spring birding and walking park near the tiny village of Roche Percee.  It's about 20 kms SE of Estevan.

This is the road into the park, er that little water fall...not supposed to be there. 

The dear old Souris River just couldn't contain itself....

There is a pretty little marsh in this photo, now 5-6 meters under water

In a normal year, this small marsh at the bottom of a narrow, deep coulee looks like this, complete with Wood Ducks coyly hiding in the reeds and cattails.  Not this year

I haven't seen a Wood Duck (Aix sponsa) this year.

Click on pix for clearer & bigger, if you want to.


  1. Wow, the water! Yikes.

    Nice to see you back! I agree, tis the season to be outside!

  2. Good to be back, even if I am sort of drifting in and out of blogger vs gardening vs birder reality. I guess that's rather normal for me anyway... The excess water is really getting on people's nerves. The roads are still closed so many places. Roads into farms are underwater, etc etc. It's been a tough time for a lot of people around here. We're used to being in a drought!