Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Jabiru mycteria .  Jabiru are the tallest flying birds in South and Central America.  An adult male is 5 ft. in height.    

The name, Jabiru, comes from Tupi-Guaraní language and means "swollen neck". The black head and neck are bare of feathers.  The rosy-red throat  collar turns bright red when the bird gets irritated.  They are usually quiet, but do a lot of bill-clapping when a new bird drops into the group.

We found these three, with the Great Egret, in a marshy low area near the road on the way to Surama.   In dry season, the birds may gather in groups in shallow ponds and may fish in unison with the group working together to disturb prey.  In the rainy season, deeper water is prefered and the birds become solitary.

This is a member of the stork family, but is the only living member of the genus Jabiru.  The Black-necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus) of Australia is often referred to as jabiru.  It isn't closely related.

More info at: http://www.avianweb.com/jabiru.html 


  1. Ii found two of theses birds in a nest in Bolivia, when I was a child and I raised them for about two years, I fed them with fish that I cought on the river behind My house, they were very friendly and another came after 1 year.

  2. This is very interesting. I'm sorry I just noticed the comment now (several months later)