Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Local Stuff....

I drove around my usual birding route here (in the Estevan area of Southeastern Saskatchewan.)

Water is being released from Rafferty Dam reservoir big-time.  Rafferty is on the Souris River.

And from Boundary Dam reservoir as well.  This is water coming into Rafferty from Boundary.

At Boundary - there are thousands of Mallards along that far shore below the snow banks.  All this water release is in an attempt to mitigate the flooding expected as deep snow cover melts in the next few weeks.

A Mountain Bluebird caught in an awkward icy landing

And a few Mule Deer just standing around


  1. Lovely! Nice to see signs of spring! I think I'm ready!

  2. Oh, it was nice today. I am daring to hope this Spring business is actually starting to unfold...fingers crossed that I didn't just jinx the whole thing.

  3. Hi TB, I agree. We don't flood so much around here - it's farther east into Manitoba in the Northern Red River flood plain. Our rivers are part of that drainage system