Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the Rupununi River (Back to Guyana...)

Life at Karanambu is closely associated with the Rupununi River.   We spent a few hours daily cruising the river, usually in the late afternoon and into evening, quietly floating home/downstream after dark. 

Someone enjoying a hot afternoon swim

Cocoi Heron   Ardea cocoi 

And another of it flying, having got tired of us all snapping photos as we glided by

Black Skimmers  Rynchops niger

Amazon Kingfisher  Chloroceryle amazona

Jabiru with young on nest.  I'll have a much better photo of  Jabirus in the next Guyana post 

I haven't talked yet about the Capuchinbird 
Perissocephalus tricolor,  (photo from Wikipedia) which was voted the strangest bird of the trip.   We saw it/them at Karanambu

It is a cotinga, and I will put together a post about all the cotingas we saw, which was, happily, lots.

And catching up on my Lifer List:  (25 Lifers at Karanambu Savanna and along the Rupununi River)

Crested Bobwhite    Colinus cristatus
Greater Yellowheaded Vulture    Cathartes melambrotus
Zone-tailed Hawk    Buteo albonotatus
Pied Lapwing      Vanellus cayanus
Plain-breasted Ground-Dove      Columbina minuta
Lesser Nighthawk      Chordeiles acutipennis
Band-tailed Nighthawk       Nyctiprogne leucopyga
White-tailed Goldenthroat       Plytumus guainumbi
Long-billed Starthroat       Heliomaster longirostris
Striped Woodcreeper       Xiphorhynchus obsoletus
Buff-throated Woodcreeper      Xiphorhynchus guttatus
Northern/Gianan Slaty-Antshrike     Thamnophilus punctatus
White-fringed Antwren      Formicivora grisea
Black-chinned Antbird     Hypocnemoides melanopogon
Bearded Tachuri      Polystictus pectoralis
Pale-eyed Pygmy-Tyrant     Lophotriccus pilaris
Capuchinbird     Perissocephalus tricolor
Blue-backed Manakin     Chiroxiphia pareola
Lemon-chested Greenlet  Hylophilus thoracicus
Ashy-headed Greenlet     Hylophilus pectoralis
Buff-cheeked Greenlet     Hylophilus muscicapinus
Plumbeous Seedeater     Sporophila plumbea
Ruddy-breasted Seedeater     Sporophila minuta
Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch     Emberizoides herbicola
Red-rumped Cacique    Cacicus haemorrhous

Plus 86 other bird species for a total of 111 species at Karanambu


  1. Small boat on such a big looking river. Worth it though I'd say. Great pics... ;)

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your great photographs!

  3. Thank You, TB. That part of the Rupununi is supposed to be some of the best fresh water fishing in South America!

    Pen and Ink, so nice you stopped by and thanks for the compliments.