Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring? Dare I Hope?

Photos from around here today

More Mountain Bluebirds - honestly, I have never seen so many of them as we have this year.  I expect most will be on their way north soon.  However, many will stay in this area to breed.   

Snowpack break-up on Long Creek

A lean and perky Richardson's Ground Squirrel  (Spermophilus richardsonii) having a  nibble of dead grass - it was a long, cold, hibernating time this past five or so months.

A winter casualty

The Souris River at Taylorton Bridge


  1. Spring! I hope your right. It looks like you still have winter there also, but the bluebirds and the gopher are encouraging

  2. Hi Harvey, yes, we still have a lot of snow; however, as you say, there are a few signs that Winter may have given up the grip. Maybe I shouldn't have said that....

  3. I love these pics! Looking forward to spring!

  4. Love those mountain bluebirds. More remindfull of our indigo buntings than our bluebirds.

  5. TB, very true about the similarity to Indigo Buntings. We don't get the Indigos very often up here, but occasionally. Pretty things. We more likely get Lazuli Buntings - which, incidently, look somewhat like your Eastern Bluebirds (of which we also have a few).