Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bluebird of Unhappiness

Nice!  I came across a group of five Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis), near the hamlet of Roche Percee, at the Langen Corner, if anyone knows the area.  Now, there are usually Eastern Bluebirds along this part of the Souris River, but I hadn't seen any during the summer.  These birds are a bit of a big deal out here in the Prairies.  The South-eastern corner of Saskatchewan (where I live) is at the species' normal north and west range limit.  The bluebird we usually see out here is the Mountain Bluebird, one of which I also saw today.

When I first saw this little group - two adult males, maybe a female plus juveniles - they were sitting on big round hay bales, flitting down to catch insects.  They flew from the open hay field to the dead trees along the river.

The dead trees along the river are on the south side of the road, which meant that I would have to try to take a picture facing into the light, which was basically flat anyway.

This is my camera.  Distance, bad light and facing into the sun are way beyond its (our combined) capability.

I have borrowed this for a few days

but it won't speak to this

so the only photos of the Eastern Bluebirds are these

which makes me terribly sad and unhappy because this is what the birds really look like.

from National GeographicPhoto by Richard Day/Animals Animals—Earth Scenes

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