Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Sandhill Cranes - Saying Goodbye

This is a small part of a flock of Sandhill Cranes I was near a day or so ago.   I love cranes.  They are my 'Spring Has Come' birds.  I grew up on a farm here on the Canadian Prairies, not far from where I live now.  The Winters are long, dark, and often harshly cold.  I remember my mom running out of the house in the early Spring to listen to the sounds of returning Canada Geese. 

Now, we have Canadas around all year thanks to part of Boundary reservoir being ice-free (power generating station pumping hot water back into the reservoir).  It's the Snow Geese and Sandhills arriving in Spring that get me joyfully running outside to listen. 

These days, in Fall, hearing the cranes means saying 'Goodbye' to the warm parts of the yearly cycle and getting ready for the cold and contemplative times.

If you like crane sounds, turn up your audio.  The short video isn't much, especially since I sort of trail off into my car at the end, but the sound is fairly good.   

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  1. Your crane pix brought back many memories of my childhood when I'd use dad's tractor to work the fields after harvest. We saw many ponds and fields with Canadas feeding on our trip to/from N Battleford this weekend. We only saw a few groups flying in formation, but we were mostly observing in late afternoon which is likely their dinner time.