Friday, October 8, 2010

The Road Through Yoho

Well, there was road construction and a lot of traffic that wasn't exactly slow-moving, just , well, I followed this truck an awfully long way.

I DO know Brad Paisley is a New Country sort of performer.  He's apparently on tour - a tour which is called the H2O Tour (???) - looks like he stands in the middle of a water fountain.  Yipes, that looks like an electric guitar, too. 

Anyway, I pretty much missed taking any pix in Yoho

Yoho, named for a Cree word expressing awe, is a park of rock walls, waterfalls and glacial lakes. It's a park with snow-topped mountain peaks, roaring rivers and silent forests. It's a park whose history is bound up with a railroad: spiral tunnels inside mountains and stories of runaway trains. (Parks Canada link above)

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