Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Sniveling

My friend Lasha and I went to the Kelowna Farmers' Market on a Saturday a few weeks ago.  (Ed.  my grammar was just killing me - so I fixed it)

I asked her to stand beside the herb table so I could take her picture.  She kept backing up and backing up until she was standing close to a tall man with a blue hoodie.  Well, I didn't really want him in the photo so I lowered the camera and was about to motion "move this way" when I took a good look at the fellow. 

Man, this dude has some piercings.  Hard to see in this photo, I know.  Bolts and rings and studs in his ears, more rings in the eyebrow.   He's seems to be seriously considering what culinery herbs to buy...

Then we went on to look at some carvings.  "Oh, I need a picture of that sign.  Go stand beside it, Lasha"  (I order people around like that).  Ah, there are so many good things about this picture: the No Sniveling sign; the look on Lasha's face; and that strange cat carving looming over everything

 Dontcha just love Farmers' Markets?

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