Monday, November 22, 2010

I Know It Is Cold When

the roof of my house emits a sharp CRACK every so often.  -27C.  I truly hate these extremely cold temperatures.  Thankfully, there is no wind this morning.

As much as I dislike to go outdoors in this cold, I dutifully pulled on the seriously warm outdoor wear to go spread out an extra large portion of birdseed.  That was just before the sky lightened.  It's slightly cloudy this morning, so no bright sunny dawn today.  There would likely be sun dogs in the sky.

The birds started arriving as soon as I got back indoors.  House Sparrows, House Finches, a White-breasted Nuthatch, a lone Dark-eyed Junco.  Wonder where he came from?  He wasn't around yesterday.  I haven't had any juncos in a few weeks. 

Now the doves are flying in.  This cold is very hard on their feet.  Toes will be frost-bitten.  But most will survive the cold (maybe not the Merlin); as I've said before, they are survivors, these doves.  I know they are cold, though.  They fly in from whatever spruce tree is home, perch briefly on an overhead wire maybe, flutter down for a minute or so of fast seed pick-up, then fly back to the very relative warmth of the thick evergreen boughs.

I wonder whether the Great Blue Heron I saw a few days ago got it together and flew off for warmer climates.  I hope so. 

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