Friday, November 12, 2010

One Mourning Dove in the Snow

Mourning Dove  Zenaida macroura

I think this is one of the doves that was too young to fly south when the rest of the Mourning Doves left, about a month ago. 

If so, it and its sibling live across the street in my neighbour Marian's spruce. 

Ever since the little birds left the nest, they have come over to sit close to her when she works in her yard and garden.  


  1. We haven't seen as many doves since we replaced our spruce trees, to restore our view of the Bow river. It's interesting that such a small bird is used as a game bird.

  2. More disgusting than interesting in my view. Sport bird is more appropriate - as in shooting for pure sport. Snipes are also a 'game bird'. Don't get me started on guns and the NRA