Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not Having a Great Day

Things just aren't going terrifically well today - no, not really.... 

I posted a cute video of a parrot and a kitten.  It wasn't much of a blog entry, but it was something and I promised myself when I started this blog I would post something (anything) daily.  Later, I was deleting draft posts and deleted the parrot and kitten post by mistake.  I'm too lazy to go find that video again.  As I said, it wasn't much.


I went down to Noonan, NoDak, to pick up a parcel.  I couldn't bring it across the border because the shipper hadn't enclosed a packing slip with the prices of the goods on it.  So, wasted trip. 


I took my aunt to get a flu shot at the hospital.  Since I had my health card along, I thought, what the heck, I may as well get one too.  I never get flu shots; I never get flu; I seldom get colds.  But, this year, I broke with tradition.  Now, two hours later, the arm that received the needle is aching and stinging (nothing to be worried about but a bit of a reaction) and I'm starting to feel achy all over.

So now I'm going to read a book I just got (thanks to Dan Z of Saskbirds for recommending this author and his books).  I'm reading  Bernd Heinrich's Winter World; The ingenuity of animal survival.

This is an excellent book and one everyone should read - well, at least everyone at all interested in finding out how birds, mammals, amphibs & reptiles, and insects survive the cold, dark, demanding Northern Winters.

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