Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Smoke That Honks and Quacks

It was very cold yesterday.  I went down to Boundary Dam to see how far the ice has progressed.  Because of hot water pouring back into the lake from the power plant, half of it remains ice-free.  And because of the temperature variant, there is usually mist coming off the water. 

Starting from the end of the reservoir farthest from the hot water channel...

The mist is getting thicker as I get closer to the warmer water

The people who live around the great Victoria Falls in Africa, call the it The Smoke That Thunders, referring to the huge amount of mist and loud roar of the falls that can be seen and heard for miles.

Here, in the Winter at Boundary Dam, we have The Smoke That Honks and Quacks.  There are thousands of Canada Geese and Mallards out there on the water, but can't see 'em for the 'smoke'.

This is the boat launch directly across from the hot-water channel. 

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  1. I took my son and daughter here to windsurf back in the 90's. We all loved the tropical water temps and were able to physically notice the temp variations up and down the reservoir.