Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Short-Eared Owl

Short-eared Owl  Asio flammeus

From The Owl Pages

A Danish bishop and amateur naturalist, Erich Ludvigsen Pontoppidan, published the first description of this Owl in 1763. In Latin, the word "flammeus" means fiery, flaming, or the colour of fire. Local names for the Short-eared Owl include the Evening Owl, Marsh Owl Bog or Swamp Owl, Grass Owl, Meadow Owl, Mouse-hawk, and Flat-faced Owl.

Does anyone else's eyes go crossed looking at this bird? 

Anyway, this is an owl of the open country.  It hunts mostly by night, but also frequently by day, flying low over grassy fields looking for mice and voles.   See the very deep wing-stroke, and the flight identification marks: the dark spot on the 'wrist'.

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