Friday, December 17, 2010

It's The Adventure

Birding friend Bob L emailed this video series around to some of us local birders.  There are 5 parts.  Each is 8-10 minutes and sometimes hard to understand.  These are British Twitchers.

Bob said he had to flinch a couple of times.  Ha.  (Bob is a very nice person, a mega birder and not the least bit selfish in sharing his vast amount of birding wisdom and experience). 

As I said a couple posts ago, I'm not a much of a Lister/Twitcher.  I can't imagine doing a Big Year, and my yearly list is just sort of something I do to renew the interest in seeing basically the same bunch of local birds every year. (There IS more benefit than that as one can compare data from year to year, etc.)  Fact is, I'm just not terribly competitive.  That's the key factor in Listing/Twitching vs Birding as a Hobby.  I like to find new birds and bird in new places.  

I admit, however, that I have 'chased' several vagrants in the past and look forward to doing it many times in future.  I have been known to drive 1000 kms to see a rare species (Hi Brenda & Harvey, thanks for the Rustic Bunting about a year ago!).  And since I am retired with nothing much to do, I can and will set off to chase a bird at a moment's notice. 

For me, it is absolutely the adventure.

So if you are interested, view the vid to see the insaneness of the X-treme Twitcher

 Part I, and Part II can be viewed as well.  I'll post the next lot separately.

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