Saturday, December 11, 2010

North Dakota, Part I

Yesterday I dreamed up the idea I should go to Minot, ND today.  Minot is approximately 150 kms or 90 miles away to the SE of my location.  However, when the morning dawned and I became aware that the outside temperature was hovering at -23C with a windchill making things feel like -32C, it hit me there really isn't anything anywhere that I needed to see, do or buy.  At least not today, a chilly Saturday before Christmas.  What WAS I thinking?

Like Saskatchewan, North Dakota is one of those places most people just drive through in order to get somewhere else.  I realized I hadn't seen much of it myself, so in July 2008, I toddled off in my RV to visit as many NWRs as I could in 10 days.

These photos were taken along Hwy #22 south through the Fort Berthold Indian Rez down to Killdeer.  This is a designated scenic route (and it is a lovely stretch of road); also part of the Lewis & Clark trail too, I think.       

Scrub prairie, east of the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Park

Some wild horses on a hill

This could be Cherry Creek - or something else

It's a land created by erosion into buttes, gullies and plains.

More to come.   (click on photos to enlarge, if you want to)

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