Sunday, December 12, 2010

North Dakota, Part II

All right, still over on the western side of NoDak, next up is Theodore Roosevelt National Park, South Unit.  Medora is the resort hub of the park.  It's got a western, cowboy theme going on.  There's a big country musical there every year - not my sort of thing, so I've never been to it.

The badlands are quite spectacular.  Also extremely hot in mid-July.  It was sweltering the day I took this photo of a huge bull bison.

A Black-tailed Prairie Dog  (Cynomys ludovicianus)

Did I say it was hot that day

On to the Cross Ranch by the Missouri River, some 30 miles north of Mandan. 

The Nature Conservancy has secured a portion of the ranch along the western side of the river, plus there's a state park.  Nice quiet place to stay.  Good fishing I think.  Spotted Towhees and Lazuli Buntings had nests in the shrubs around my isolated campsite.  Field Sparrows sang all day long.

This is on the Lewis & Clark Trail (click on photo to enlarge).

There's interesting information about TRNP at these links:
The geology of the park:
About the Lewis & Clark Expedition


  1. It's not a really cold day here, but I really got warmed up remembering N.Dakota in July. Really loved the wild horses on the hilltop pic. Made me think of old John Wayne movies.

  2. Western NoDak is definitely cowboy/western movie territory.