Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Begins

I interrupt the tropical holiday to acknowledge it is officially Winter.  Pfffftttt.  Well, it was sunny today, so there was that to lighten the mood a bit.  I went for a drive in search of Snowy Owls.  I found one but it was too far away for a photo.  Instead, here is a view of an ice and snow covered Rafferty Reservoir at the bridge near Mainprize Park.  Those are two very large Common Ravens flying away from me.

Ring-necked Pheasants were everywhere, along the roads and digging around in the fresh snow in grain fields.

Costa Rica resumes next post.


  1. Nice photo of my favourite bird and constant companions.

  2. Loved the Mainprize/Rafferty vista with the Ravens. Although the season is winter, I was reminded of the summers I worked the oilfields between Goodwater and Midale.

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  4. Arrgh, deleted my own comment.

    Thanks Clare. Ravens are such smart and interesting birds

    Brian, the Goodwater-Midale field has at least 10X more wells now.