Monday, December 6, 2010

Ring-necked Pheasants

This is the next installment of stalking the Ring-necked Pheasants (Phasianus colchicus).  As I've mentioned before, I have vowed to get some good photos of this wary, crafty bird this winter.

These were taken just north of Torquay, SK (near Halvorson's old farm).   A couple of Euro Starlings got in the picture as well (at bottom)

I would like some clear photos of their landings, with the tail feathers spread.  Such elegant birds.

This next lot were right along side the road down here in the valley below Estevan. 

A female that decided she was more hungry and interested in feeding than she was afraid of me.

 And a male in flight.

Getting better....but still not good enough

(As always, click on photos to enlarge, if you want to)

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  1. Loved em all, but the male in flight was really special.