Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is Ace the Cat. 

Ace has the longest legs and longest tail of any cat I have ever known.  He's a brindled tabby (I think that's the right term), which is pretty unusual Up Here.  He reminds me of an Egyptian cat statue

More correctly, it's Senor Ace, el gato, because Ace is Mexcian.  As a tiny, tiny starving and scraggly kitten, Ace begged for food and help from Linda (McCluskey) as she was passing an Ace Hardware store in Cancun, Mexico.  She couldn't walk away and kitten was immediately adopted, loved and cared for and was named Ace for obvious reasons.  

He's an Illegal, I'm afraid.  He doesn't work much these days, not since he became blind in one eye, due to a nasty altercation with a feral cat.  Mostly he patrols the yard a few times a day.  His ears are somewhat shredded too, from other fights.  Hopefully he doesn't always come out on the losing end of these events.  (Between us in case anyone thinks I'm infering something above, I don't think Mexicans or illegal immigrants are lazy - in fact, quite the opposite.  Those people work very hard at jobs the rest of us won't do.)  

In a month or so, Ace will be returning to his country of birth as he does every Winter.  He doesn't like the cold weather much.  This week with all the rain and chilly air, he headed directly to his mat in front of the wood fire as soon as he got back into the house. 

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