Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nephew #3

Well, look who's here - not here-here, as in where I physically am - here with us on this blog.  Yay.  Grand-nephew, actually.  Henry.  Found this photo on his Dad's Facebook page this morning and immediately lifted it. 

Looks like you are going somewhere, kid.  Do I detect a little unhappiness, a little tear in the eye?  It'll be fine, I'm sure.


  1. Very cute, but looks like he needs a good huge.

  2. Hug; this little dude is totally cute. He's 8 months old and has been Newfoundland and Oliver, British Columbia so far. He's a great little traveller already.

  3. He was saying good-bye to his daddy at the airport and was due for his morning nappy.