Monday, September 13, 2010

Around Here

Pheasant on the road....

Maybe I can...just...creep...up..closer...


Maybe next time.  Farther along the road were these guys.  Hello.

The Souris River  (old single lane bridge)

And ending up at the sewer lagoons checking out the birds (not much there, too much water)

This time of year there should be a few almost dry cells; really stinky but loaded with shore birds.  Not this year.  Only 6 Lesser Yellowlegs and about 15 peeps flying around but never settled long enough for a try at identification.  There were 9 Am. White Pelicans, about 50 Northern Shovelers, some Canadas and lots of coots.


  1. Thanks for the pheasant pix K. Is this the bridge at the old Woodland swimming hole?

  2. This bridge is near the Water Treatment plant. That old bridge at Woodlawn isn't there anymore.