Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Now I'm really in a bad mood

Okay, so thgin things haven't started all that well this morning.  I am not in a good mood at all.  Bacis  Basic Blah with Dyslexia could be a revised title for this blog. 

I psent spent part of last night redesigning the wallpaper here because I visited a couple of Sask blogger sites and found one with the same damn cutesy, grassy, dandelion-going-to-seed background as I originally used!  Feh, that blog belongs to a sister Saskbirder (who I don't know but probably will some day).  So, I started making changes.  Of course, I settled on some shade of orange (I smile slightly about that as I adore the colour orange)

Well, anyway, so about 20 minutes ago, bad-mood person here sat down and typed up some mostly coherent sentences, 90% spelled correctgly correctly, and then I proceeded to exit my site without saving or publishing. 

This is a re-do.  Now, I'm going for a drive out to Rafferty Dam to see if anything birdy is out there.  It's cloudy again and probably will rain - again.

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