Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tide's out at Rathtrevor Beach

Rathtrevor Beach is 2-3 kilometers south of Parksville, Vancouver Island.  The ocean recedes almost a kilometer at low tide.

Some of the things I found in the sand and tide pools

These snails were absolutely everywhere, very tiny to 2 cm in length.

A stately juvenile Great Blue Heron, standing on one leg.


  1. Verrrrrry NICE! The great blue heron is one of my favorites. I have relatives at Parksville. Although we've been emailing for a few years, I only met them in person a year ago last spring. There are some of your pictures that I would love to paint sometime (with your permission of course)
    Looks like you are enjoying your trip. I'm heading east in about a week.

  2. And have a lovely time in Montreal with the granddaughter. The autumn colours will be happening.