Sunday, September 12, 2010

Across the Line

I live 17 kms or 10 miles north of the North Dakota border.  Most of us Canucks say "we're going across the line", or 'we're going to Crosby, or Minot or Williston" - naming the destination.  The USians living right south of the border come to Canada.  They don't come up to Estevan or Weyburn, they come to Canada, period.

Here's a photo from ND #5.  Montana is straight ahead.  Behind is all of North Dakota.  (click on photos to enlarge)

And thataway is Canada


  1. I need to go to Westby sometime.

  2. It's about the same as it was way back in the day when we all lived just north of the border. I doubt there's a new building in the place - but that said, there's still 2-3 bars, a grocery store, maybe another bar or two....