Tuesday, September 7, 2010

At Rafferty Today

Went out to Rafferty Dam this afternoon.  Lots of Franklin's Gulls flying and on the water.

Franklin's Gulls on water at Rafferty Dam

Flooded hay fields

A Say's Phoebe

Huge flocks of blackbirds, mostly Brewer's with a few Yellow-headeds

A resting Common Nighthawk  (my first of the year for this area)

Other birds:

Two young male Ring-necked Pheasants
Young Common Loon
Western Grebes, mostly young ones
Great Blue Heron
Double-creasted Cormorant, drying its wings
Ring-billed Gulls
American Coots - lots of these around
Red-tailed Hawks


  1. We don't Ring-necked Pheasants in our park anymore. Hope you can post a pic sometime.

  2. I shall try, Brian. They are sneaky creatures. We have scads of 'em around here.